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HSA Volunteer Services - Purpose

The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency Volunteer Services is a tax exempt 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit organization whose purpose is to render service to HSA, its patients and community, and to assist HSA in promoting the health and welfare of the community in accordance with objectives established by the Governing Board of HSA.

The Volunteer Services is managed by the Executive Board. Click here to read our By-Laws and Policies. The executive Board meets three times a year and the HSA Volunteers General Meeting occurs once a year.

Volunteer in Public Health and Clinics

Volunteers can be assigned to Public Health, Clinics or Administration. Various opportunities can include: clerical, interpreting, medical records, and project based assignments.

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Volunteer as a Board Member

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Officers include President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. The Executive Board is also comprised of Chairpersons for various committees. We welcome new members and new ideas to keep our organization thriving.

Volunteer! And be part of the group serving the Stanislaus County community.

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The HSA Volunteer Services is supported through fundraising efforts by volunteers.



48 YEARS OF SERVICE, 1964 - 2012

In 1964 a small group decided to be a part of their community by starting the Volunteer Services organization. In the last 48 years, Volunteer Services have given more than 880,000 hours, equaling over $8.3 million in saved wages and over $325,000 to help fund special projects and medical equipment. Here's how it all began…

In 1964 Lola Ward, Dottie Strobel, Lorraine Wall, Thelma Antwerpen, and Barbara Hunstable, known as the "Chit Chat Club", from the First Christian Church in Modesto talked with their minister about developing a worthwhile project. He immediately suggested that they inquire about starting a volunteer organization at the Stanislaus County Hospital. This hospital was the only one in Modesto without such a group. After about six months of talks and planning, the group was given approval from the county supervisors.

The newly formed group ran an ad in the local paper for additional members. Six women answered the ad: Florence Arnold, Ruby Duarte, Helen Denny, Claire Dunham, Flora Flowers, and Dottie Stevens. Barbara Hunstable was elected as the group's first president. Their first project was the Information Desk, followed by the distribution of magazines and paperbacks to patients. Soon volunteers were working in the Pediatric ward, helping the Occupational Therapy Department, developing a pink cart to carry magazines and toiletry items to patients, refurbishing several areas to be used as waiting rooms, and giving Christmas gifts to the patients. The Gift Shop, bake sales, and boutiques came later. The first paid coordinator was Agnes McCabe, R.N.


Funding History

1979 TO 2012
Meditation Room
  • Planned, Decorated and
    Furnished By Volunteers.

Picnic Tables With Benches - Eight for 830 Scenic Drive
Funding Cost and Year Not Available.

Seven Scholarships for Nursing Staff and Medical Equipment
Directory in Main Lobby and Sub-Directories Throughout Main Bldg

Ultrasound Stethoscope,
Family Practice Center

1990 6,324.68
1991 $ 927.78
1992 $17,822.95
1993 $3,874.53
1994 $30,365.13
1995 $7,846.60
1996-1997 $42,697.69
1997-1998 $12,235.88
1998-1999 $20,762.24
2000-2001 $31,855.00
2002-2003 $27,298.00
2003-2004 $6,750.00
2004-2005 $5,932.75
2005-2006 $19,436.73
2006-2007 $20,626.27
2007-2008 $20,059.00
2008-2009 $2,895,73
2009-2010 $8,607.80
2010-2011 $11,871.91
2011-2012 $4,895.52
2012-2013 $6,466

Dietary Department (Main Campus, YEAR UNKNOWN)


Other funded programs and equipment information not available
for years before 1979, 1980 to 1986, and 1988.

TOTAL 1979 - 2013



Special Projects

The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency Volunteer Services has designed and funded many projects at HSA over its 48 years of service. Below is a list of some:

Special Projects Funded:

  • Asthma Flags
  • Audiometer
  • Backpack Project
  • Benches
  • Books
  • Bus Passes
  • Cell phones
  • Copiers
  • Digital Camera
  • Display Cases
  • Flagpole
  • Furniture
  • Health Displays
  • Inpatient Christmas Gifts
  • Landscaping
  • Main Lobby Directory
  • Meal Tickets
  • MJC Nursing Scholarship
  • Momobile
  • Nursing Drapes
  • Nursing Scholarships
  • Pediatric Toys
  • Picnic Tables
  • Pillows for Chemo Patients
  • Plaques
  • Printers
  • Raggedy & Andy Dolls
  • Recovery Room Project
  • Resident Doctor Licenses
  • Scanners
  • School Art Project
  • Shelves, Carpets
  • Surgery Teddy Bears
  • Waiting Room Furniture
  • Wheelchairs

Medical Equipment Purchases:

  • Analyzer
  • Blood Pressure Machines
  • Digital EKG Machines
  • Dishwasher for Lab
  • Doppler
  • Educational Videos
  • Electrocautery Units
  • Explosion Proof Freezer
  • Fluorescent Light for Microscope
  • Henocue Hemoglobin
  • Laparoscopic Camera
  • Microscopes
  • Nitrogen Tank
  • One Spot Dinanalysis
  • Otoschopes/Opthalascopes
  • Pediatric Datascope
  • Pediatric Scale
  • Spirometer
  • Teaching Scope - Cystoscope
  • Teaching Scopes
  • Toco Transducers
  • Ultrasound Stethoscopes
  • X-Ray Unit

Annual Programs Funded:

  • Adopt-A-Family
  • Pediatric Clinic Stickers
  • Scholarships


Becoming A Volunteer

Experience the positive impact started by six inspiring individuals that has touched so many lives in your community. Join!

To find a current list of HSA Volunteer Opportunities, please visit Volunteer Match.
Type in your local zip code and click SEARCH.
On the left-hand side, under "Cause Areas", select Health & Medicine to view our specific listings!

For ALL Health Services Agency listings, Visit Volunteer Match.

The HSA Volunteer Application is available in [PDF].

Type directly into the form, save it, attach it and email it to gro.ashcs@sreetnulovash.

OR Print and return it to:
Health Services Agency
Volunteer Services
830 Scenic Drive
Modesto, CA 95350

You will be contacted by phone, mail or email within 7 business days.
You may also contact Volunteer Services directly at (209) 558-7180.

Examples of Volunteer Areas:

  • Clerical-Clinical and Administrative
  • Interpreter
  • Medical Records
  • Nursing
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Virtual projects
  • Or tell us how you would like to contribute!


Donate to Volunteers

Please contact Volunteer Services at gro.ashcs@sreetnulovash for more information!